Lead Senior Game Developer


As a Lead Senior Game Developer, you will join a highly functioning team comprised of a combination of full time and part-time professionals. If you can demonstrate success then you will have a chance to work across multiple products of increasing power and complexity.



  • As part of a team, deliver complete mobile games and game prototypes.
  • Full Software Lifecycle application development – designing, coding, debugging and documenting applications.
  • Proactively collaborate with teammates and communicate with project stakeholders to ensure project efforts proceed efficiently and with predictability.
  • Enabling relevant stakeholders’ concerns to be identified, considered, and, when appropriate, addressed during the development of the product.
  • Collaborate with architects and technologists on design decisions and directions for product requirements.
  • Work directly with the designers to insure that their vision is shared with your ability to enhance existing features and add new systems extending an established code base.
  • Build and maintain core components, pipelines and tools on multiple hardware platforms.
  • Accurately estimates his/her schedules and delivers high quality work products to that schedule.
  • Modernize existing systems and implement complete new game systems as required.
  • Write clear, maintainable, portable C# code.
  • Maintain project confidentiality and protect operations by keeping information confidential.
  • Other ad-hoc responsibilities as requested.

Technical Skill and Experience Requirements:

  • Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures and algorithm design, and complexity analysis
  • Software development fundamentals, including testing, troubleshooting and using version control (we use GitHub and equivalent services).
  • 7+ years of professional development experience or 2+ years of relevant professional experience in a similar role.
  • Familiar with and/or have experience with Agile development under the SCRUM methodology.
  • Deep knowledge of Unity.
  • Deep knowledge of .NET and C# and Game Architecture Design.
  • C++/Obj C knowledge (for plugins)
  • Demonstrated achievement in mobile games development (portfolio required).
  • Ability to create component-based reusable and testable modules and components.
  • Knowledge of interfacing with backoffice servers.
  • Experience using and integrating 3rd party services (such as analytics, mediation, monetization services)
  • Team player with excellent communication skills.

Nice to Have Skills and Experience:

  • Ability to lead.
  • B.S. in Computer Science Engineering preferred.
  • Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks and problem solving.
  • Ability to work independently and to be self-directing.
  • Background in hyper casual games development.
  • Experience in dynamic mesh modification, custom shader development, procedural mesh generation, procedural level generation.
  • Ability to write unit tests using BDD or TDD.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Understanding of one or more of these: databases, web services, APIs, online multiplayer game development concepts.

Keys to Success

  • Demonstrated ability to brutally prioritize. Be prepared to give examples of critically important projects you didn’t get done in favor of even more important projects. What criteria did you use to make your decision?
  • Team player willing to take direction, yet with the initiative to identify and act on matters without waiting for direction. This one is really important.
  • Genuinely excited about games, have a strong interest in learning & using the latest tools, and constantly want to learn new things.
  • Highly-motivated and thrive in an environment where opportunities are many times of your own making.
  • Enjoy engaging in passionate discussions with smart people and letting the best ideas rise to the top.
  • Strong communication skills, both with technical and nontechnical audiences.
  • Willingness to work as part of a team and embrace best practices, like version control, code reviews, documentation and workflow management tools.