Can you balance all?

Slice And Balance

Chain Thru

Break, pour, smash!

An addictive chopping journey!

Nimble Lumberjack

Jailbreakers 3D

Who is more agile? Who’s boss?

Ultimate spear fighting!

Peppy Warriors

Overfed 3D

These animals are eating like crazy.
Can you feed them to the limits?

Shoot and merge ’em all!

2048 Candy Box

Risky Quiz

How much do you trust your knowledge?
How much of the big prize can you risk in return?

Are you ready for the ultimate disc fight?

Disc Champ 3D

Bullet Shop 3D

Make the most perfect bullets for perfect shoots
or just make a bullet whatever you want.

Match the parts to build your amazing 3D objects.
3D print and paint them after modeling.

3D Print Shop!

The heist is almost okay.
Now it is time to leave the building safely.

Now, it is the time to show your mountaineering skills to everyone.

Don't Crash 3D

Color your roads, don’t crash!

First foam the cars thoroughly and then clean them with squeegee and water.

Car Washing 3D

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